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Restroom and Shower Cleaning

April 26, 2013
RE: Request for restroom and shower cleaning services 2013 Upper Peninsula State Fair
We are requesting quotes on the cleaning of restrooms and showers during the Upper Peninsula State Fair  August 11 – August 18.
There are men’s and women’s restrooms and showers located on the grounds in the following locations:
  • Red Barn Building# 5 restrooms 
  • Beef Barn Building#11 restrooms and showers 
  • Dairy Barn Building #8 restrooms and showers
  • Swine Barn Building #12 restrooms
  • Indoor Horse Arena Building # 20 restrooms and showers
  • Speed Horse Barn Building # 22 restrooms and showers
  • Grandstand Building # 1 restrooms
  • Ruth Butler Exhibition Building # 3 restrooms
  • Midway Restrooms Building # 7 restrooms and showers
These are all high traffic areas and will require multiple cleanings throughout the day and evening to ensure cleanliness for fairgoers and the 300 plus campers who utilize the facilities.  The hours of operation during the fair for the general public are 11 am – 11pm.  The grounds are utilized 24 hours for campers with the highest usage for showers from 11pm – 1 am and 6 am – 9 am.
We require workers in public areas to be uniformed and have an overall professional appearance and attitude.
Please submit bids by mail, email (cvb@deltami.org) or fax to the Upper Peninsula State Fair by Monday, May, 13 2013.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (906) 786-2192
Best Regards,
Steve Masters
Upper Peninsula State Fair

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