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Skerbeck Entertainment Group

Midway Carnival Provided by:

What does it take to become a master in your field? With over 160 years of experience, Skerbeck Entertainment Group knows what it takes, to provide high quality entertainment in Europe and America. Recognized for exceptional performance, Skerbeck Entertainment Group was awarded the prestigious Circle of Excellence by the Outdoor Amusement Business Association.

Clean midways, friendly employees, colorful equipment, and FUN are what you can expect from Skerbeck Entertainment Group. Top-notch professionalism, innovative marketing, and attention to detail make event management with Skerbeck Entertainment Group a breeze.

Want to utilize online sales for your event? With customized shopping carts for your event, and innovative use of barcode scanners, guests can purchase early and move through the lines quickly!

Find out more about Skerbeck Entertainment Group and the Skerbeck Family today!

Buy your Mega Band for unlimited rides before:  
The sale is limited to 400, they are expected to run out, so buy early!

Daily wristband prices:
Monday $20
Tuesday $25
Wednesday $25
Thursday $25
Friday $25
Saturday $25
Sunday $25

Midway opening time:
Monday 5 PM
Tuesday through Sunday 11 AM

2018 Ride List


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