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Miracle of Life Educational Pavilion

Miracle of Life Educational Pavilion

The Miracle of Life Exhibition

Witness the live births of calves, lambs, piglets and see the chicks, ducks,
and quail eggs hatch before your eyes.

Fairgoers have delighted at witnessing the miracle of live animal birth in the Miracle of Life Exhibit. Visitors to the exhibit might see the awkward first steps of a newborn lamb or hear the peep, peep, peep of hatching chicks. The Miracle of Life Exhibit remains one of the most popular attractions at the Upper Peninsula State Fair.  This incredible display of new life helps connect thousands of fairgoers with their agricultural roots.
The Miracle of Life Exhibit remains the most effective educational program at the U.P. State Fair. Fairgoers rated this exhibit “most popular” in the most recent fair visitors survey. Large crowds consistently pass through to observe the live births as well as listen to presentations by veterinary staff and students.


Growing Up Foresters 

Wander through a hands on exhibit about the many wonders of forest ecosystems emphasizing the many ways trees and their products enhance our lives.  At the edge of the forest is an interactive exhibit about the importance of farming and agriculture in Michigan.    


Sarah "The Cheese Lady" Kaufmann"
Cheese Carver

Sarah “The Cheese Lady” is a nationally recognized cheese sculptor. Kaufmann creates the jaw-dropping sculptures in her Cincinnati and San Diego studios and also appears in person to sculpt cheese at a variety of venues:  food and wine festivals, supermarkets, tradeshows, state fairs, sporting events, civic celebrations and other special occasions.  She has carved from ten and forty-pound blocks to 500-pound wheels and a whopping 12,500-pound cheddar mammoth!  
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 Big Big Stuff

The Bay College Computer Aided Design Team has landed themselves in the Guinness Book of Records.  Witness the world’s largest YoYo, Golf Tee, Paddle Lock and Key at their new home on the UP State Fairgrounds!


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