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Ticket and Pass Printing 2013

April 26, 2013
Request for PROPOSALS
Subject: Ticket and Pass Printing for the 2013 Upper Peninsula State Fair
The Upper Peninsula State Fair seeks proposals for the printing and design of tickets and passes for the 2013 Upper Peninsula State Fair, August 12 – 18 in the following quantities:
  • 3000 Weekly Passes (Adults)
  • 1500 Weekly Passes (Youth)
  • 5000 Daily Passes
  • 1500 Hanging parking passes – in 5 colors- quantity of each color supplied at bid award
  • 3000 2 part NCR entry blank and premium award sheets – numbering not necessary
  • All passes must be sequentially numbered and each type of pass should have its own unique color for accounting purposes and printed on a medium that will prevent reproduction and fraud
  • Samples of 2012 tickets have been included on a separate page for use as a size reference. For 2013 we are looking for an option for the weekly passes that can fit in a wallet, pocket, or purse. If this not possible please submit an option that you think is user friendly.
  • Weekly passes for adults and youths must be printed in manner that allows for daily redemption. In the past, a perforated ticket has been used with the stub being removed by gate personnel for redemption.
We will consider all options of size and paper quality to ensure the best price possible. 
Passes must be in our hands no later than May 24th, 2013.
Please submit bids by mail, email or fax to the Upper Peninsula State Fair Authority by Friday, May 10, 2013. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (906)786-2192.
Best Regards,
Steve Masters
Upper Peninsula State Fair

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